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CS-2 is a premium, Australian based, independent meta-consultancy servicing the mineral resources industry.



 We provide truly independent Review, Advisory and Audit services for pre-Strategic, Strategic, Tactical and Operational issues.



 We have no B-Team to support, nor software to peddle.



 We specialize in tackling problems ranging from simple to deeply complex.



 We believe that this can only be done by taking an integrative view of technical and non-technical issues.



 We believe a lot of the difficulty in solving problems is simply due to not really knowing what the problem is or applying the wrong methodologies to the problem.


 We focus on delivering value to, rather than extracting value from, the client.

To contact us:

p: +61 (0) 400 339 171

e: admin@cs-2.biz

w: www.cs-2.biz