About CS-2

CS-2 stands for Common Sense Consulting Services (“CSCS”) and was born in 1995 out of our perception that the industry was hungry for some common sense. The industry has seen some highs and lows since then but the need for common sense remains.

Our original focus on integrating the content and relationships between various perspectives and disciplines, from technical (e.g. geology, engineering, metallurgy, environment, systems etc.) to non-technical (e.g. people, relationships etc.) has become the industry norm for leading companies in the industry. Whilst we still remain committed to that intent we have also been evolving by integrating more business methods, analytics, complexity science and sensemaking into our approach and capabilities. As such we remain “well ahead of the pack”.

We have been based in Perth, WA since 2003 but continue to undertake assignments nationally and across the globe.

Shouldn’t you be using common sense too?



Being a client of ours sends a strong signal to your employees, competitors, the industry and the investment community. It shows that:
You are seeking the truth

You want to know what’s right, regardless of how palatable that is.

You consider both Risk and Opportunity

You are not focused solely on what could go wrong but also on what could go right.

You have a genuine interest in the long term

You want to see sustained improvements in your business, even beyond your tenure.

You can identify and appreciate quality

You know that a shortcut is the longest distance between two points. You know that cost effectiveness isn’t just about cost.